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It's All Gone Pete Tong

The Glasgow World Film Festival has just started and tonight I went along to see a pre-release showing of It's All Gone Pete Tong, set on location in Ibiza. Based on the true story of legendary dj, Frankie Wilde losing his hearing, it's a truly enjoyable film that manages to capture the spirit and vibrancy of life in Ibiza and the infectious energy of dance music. Between taking you to some of Ibiza's most beautiful locations and featuring Frankie's daily fights with the evil Coke Badger, after watching the film all you really want to do is head off to Pacha...


Saw this film at the Aspen Film Festival and thoroughly enjoyed it. Paul Kaye does an amazing job portraying the legendary Frankie Wilde. Colors were amazing and soundtrack really kicked. I assume the Aspen film was the same as the one there. The director showed up and answered a few question. He said the budget was expensive ... I think he was joking though. Michael Dowse I think is the director.

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