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While we were in London, Simon gave us a private, Sunday night tour of Liberation, his shop in Covent Garden. As well as being the main outlet for Libidex, his latex clothing brand, there's also an appropriately bizarre collection of vintage erotica and antique fetish gear. Naturally, we had to try on some of the lovely gear - my favourite item being the gimp mask which, personally, I think, suits me quite well!

Downstairs, the main showroom is complete with dungeon, prayer stool, and a collection of leather straps that took me right back to being belted at school. (Actually, I only got belted at my primary school, St Peter and Paul's which I went to until I was twelve, but it sadly doesn't have a website. Although this, the website of my secondary school is truly appalling as you can see!)

More photos from Liberation and our trip to Formentera.

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