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Electric Toilet Experience

I've just had my first electric toilet experience. First of all the seat is heated, which seems quite common even on less advanced toilets here, and I couldn't see the point of it as it's quite warm here at the moment. When you try it though you realise just how nice... and relaxing it is.

There's a control panel at the side allowing you to adjust the water pressure - I had it down at 40% and already it was beginning to feel like a pressure washer, any higher could feel like it would slice right through you! There's also four LEDs showing the current status of your toilet, and my favourite function marked 'Powerful Deodoriser' - which seems to work pretty well. There is, however, a warning on the lid saying that the seat may cause low temerature burns to people of a sensitive nature! I'm on the lookout next for some toilets with a better featureset, like adjustable direction jets and health analysis to test.

Update: I just had a chance to use a Toto Apricot toilet which really put the previous one to shame! The toilet lid automatically lifts as you approach, and it has precise jet controls and a blow dry! Here's a picture of the control panel with an explanation. Apparently, they also do a model that takes SD cards and plays mp3s. Still no internet access on it though?


Time to upgrade Zami's heads then? We haven't got around to moving the bathroom yet so any chance of purchasing an electronic bog for us? :-)

Can you get one for me ?
It would look good in Bada...
(do they have a version without water ?)

yeah, just give me your orders guys... it's a whole new area of pleasure, I assure you!

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