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Tokyo at First Sight

On the first evening I caught the Metro into Ginza, one of Tokyo's many centres. Climbing the stairs from the station I was stunned by the scene - all around me were polished buildings covered with massive screens and illuminated with adverts. It was literally breathtaking. I walked around trying to take it all in as two sleek bullet trains passed above me on suspended railtracks. It felt like I'd been living in the dark ages all of my life. I stepped into Bic Camera, a truly massive electronics shop on nine floors crammed full of iMode phones and electronics I'd never seen before and wandered around awestruck until I had to force myself out to get something to eat.

After my previous meal, I decided to play it safe, headed to a pasta restaurant and ordered the chicken pasta. It was lovely - apart from the fact that they'd put a whole raw egg on top of it. I attempted to eat around it without breaking it, but didn't manage that for long, broke it, and just had to mix it in.

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