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10,000 Hippies Can't Be Wrong

The guilt is overpowering for my lack of blogging in a week in which someone threw a live hand grenade at Mr Bush, and the most successful film ever hit the cinemas. All I can do is claim to have been busy and stressed, and promise to make up for it.

I left Finland last night just as summer suddenly arrived. After a winter in the shadows, I spent the last weeks trying to adapt to a lack of darkness in Espoo. Attempting to get to bed - and usually failing - in the hours of dusk between midnight and two, before everything is, once more, bathed in sunlight, has proved just as hard as the dark, winter days.

I flew out of Finland with Ryanair for the same price as a flight with a real airline would have cost, simply for the love of arguing with the staff to get my bag onboard without a surcharge, then the pleasure of sitting, unable to sleep, in a solid plastic, non-reclining seat, getting haemorrhoids and being bombarded by non-stop marketing for three hours.

I then had until 04:00 to check in for my Sleazyjet flight to Ibiza, which allowed me several hours to perfect the art of sleeping on a cold, steel table in London's most remote airport before boarding the plane in a zombie-like state and getting pulled out for yet another 'random search' on the way (must get this chip out of my neck somehow).

The flight was full of numpties, whom I'd forgotten were now Britain's single biggest export, and it took intense concentration to ignore their yelling and pie eating enough to manage to pass out. I finally woke just as we flew past the myth enshrouded island of Es Vedra, and came in to land in Ibiza airport. It wasn't until later, however, when the ferry approached Formentera, that the magical power of the island finally possessed me again and the high, once more, kicked in. 10,000 hippies just can't be wrong... Can they?

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