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Psycho Robotic Cat

psycho robotic cat
Necoro the robotic cat looks like the stuff of nightmares. Something about the fact that they've covered it in fake fur makes it look just a bit too much like it's straight out of a horror film about undead zombie killer cats. Think how an Aibo would look if they gave it hair and lifelike, staring eyes. Whilst seemingly soft and cuddly, one look into those eyes tells you that it's just waiting for the chance to leap up and claw your testicles off at the first opportunity!

Only a truly insane person would buy one of these for their family. Check out the video for the full psycho thriller effect, especially when they get together to hunt in a pack.


funniest thing I have seen in years i laughed so hard hahahahahahahahahahahahaha..

I guess I am one of those insane people. :-P I just bought one overseas. And I am very excited on getting him.

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