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Beach Bar Culture

Colin flew down on Sunday and since then we've been embarking on a tour of the island and, most importantly, it's beach bars. Yesterday, he rented a bike and we headed off to the 'capital' of San Francesco - a town of three streets in the middle of the island, to indulge in some ancient culture. This didn't last too long, however, before we were forced in the heat to detour to a beach and cool off with a swim. As the beach was totally open to the afternoon sun we sought refuge and shade in a nearby shack of a beach bar, sitting on the cliff above. With a terrific view across the cove and the clear, blue water, so we decided it was best to stay there until the sun lost some of it's heat and have a beer or two to pass the time.

We eventually found ourselves pedalling homewards just before sunset, deep in concentration to keep our balance and avoid cycling off into the bushes, and awoke back on the boat this morning, dazed with hangovers and a hazy recollection of the trip back.

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