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Deutsche Direkt

I was reversing out of the berth yesterday, leaving the marina at the end of the winter stay, and it was all going smoothly until suddenly the engine stalled and the boat started drifting towards the yacht next to me. I restarted the engine, put it into gear, but once again it stalled and wouldn't restart. With the help of a German guy who was crewing on a small boat nearby and took my lines, I managed to get back into the berth, and looked around in the water to see lots of small bits of rope floating around - one of the berthing lines had got caught in the propeller. Fantastic. This meant I had to dive on the prop to untangle it in lovely, shit-laden, harbour water! The sea's still a bit chilly here, and before long I was beginning to shiver as I made several dives down to untangle the rope from the propeller. The rope cutter had done it's job and sliced a five metre length from the marina's mooring lines, but the force had caused part of the cutter itself to break off, which would probably turn out to be an expensive repair. There didn't appear to be any other damage down there, however, so once I removed the last of the rope, I restarted the engine, and, made another attempt to leave.

As I'd fucked up already, the German guy now saw this as the perfect opportunity to shout detailed instructions to me of exactly how I should be manoeuvring - as Germans sometimes like to do. I've met lots of friendly Germans, and used to see this as a desire in them just to be helpful - as they would take the map from my hands and send me off cycling in the wrong direction - but have now come to realise that they view non-Deutsche methods as inferior, and feel the need to show us the light. He was most upset when I refused to take his advice so he walked off to leave me to it. This time went without any hitches though; having by now cut any ropes that could possibly impede my exit, and I motored out to a lovely, peaceful anchorage.


Congratulations on getting back on the water....I'll keep an eye on your blog for sailing stories.

At least I get ropes round my props when I'm at sea!! I've had 3 lots this year already. :-(

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