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On The Road Again

I cycled out of Espoo on the King's Road - a route that runs along the coast all the way to Turku. It was 1600 by the time I got away but I was determined to get as much distance done before sunset as I could.

I passed a run over snake as I cycled along a forest road, which gave me serious doubts about camping in Finland. I was making good progress, however, and as the sun began to lose it's heat I cycled into Ingå. By now I was deep in the heart of Swedish speaking Finland. The houses were distinctly Swedish looking, and many of the signs were only in Swedish.

I was lucky enough to find somewhere to camp in Fagervik, right next to a lake - about thirty centimetres away from it actually, but the mosquitoes began eating me alive as soon as I stopped. I stuck the four tent pegs in the ground and jumped inside where I watched fish jumping as slowly the colour drained out of the sunset and the sky turned dark blue.

I'd covered 70km so I slept pretty well.

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