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Quest for Cake

l got up and washed in the lake before packing the tent away. The previous evening I'd passed a lovely looking cafe in an old building just down the road so I decided to detour back there for breakfast. Breakfast consisted of coffee and some homemade apple pie, and I sat outside in the sunshine and enjoyed it and planning the day's trip.

I cycled on through the Finnish countryside, which alternated between pine forests and tiny villages of painted wooden houses. By lunchtime I arrived in Tammisaari, a pretty waterside town of cobbled streets and piped Schlager music, giving the place the feel of a German old folk's home. In a bakery there, however, I found the best hindbærsnitte I'd had since Denmark, which in itself made the entire trip worthwhile. Cake and pastries seemed to be better now that I was in Swedish speaking lands.

I ploughed on northwards through yet more forests, missed a turning which cost me a twenty kilometre detour, and arrived in Matilda completely out of drinking water. The village shop was closed, and unable to find a tap or any signs of life, I carried on to the next village. Once again the only shop was closed so I asked at a house. I was told that their water wasn't good for drinking and I should try somewhere else. I knocked on another door but they wouldn't answer it. Finally, at the last house in the village I found a man sitting on his doorstep drinking beer and he gladly obliged to fill my water bottles.

By this time it was beginning to get dark and I needed to find somewhere to sleep for the night. As always when this happens you can never find anywhere. I cycled on in the dusk until I was almost at the suburbs of Salo, then, with no other choice, detoured off on a forest track and pitched my tent on the edge of a field. 130km cycled today, which I'm quite happy about (200km total).

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