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Wrath of God

I cycled out of Turku yesterday afternoon, heading out to the islands that extend westwards from Finland. I covered 54km before I made camp under a bridge looking out over the river on the island of Nagu, which sounds like a place straight out of Star Wars.

Shortly after I got up this morning some fishermen came down and seemed a bit surprised to find me camped there. I went on to the town of Nagu, which was quite pretty, and had some breakfast, then cycled across the island and caught a ferry to Korpo.

Here, I'd been planning to catch a ferry out to Kokar, the first of the Alund islands, so I was disappointed to find out that today was the only day of the week with only one ferry at 0630. There was a ferry going to Houtskari, however, so I decided to jump on that and go there for a few hours.

So I was standing taking a photo of the church in Houtskari, moved the bike a few metres forward, got my foot caught in the pedal, and, unable to put my foot down to stop it, myself and the loaded bike came crashing down. I got off with just scrapes and bruises but the camera, which I was inng, hit the ground pretty hard, resulting in a broken display. I looked up from the gravel to see a picture of God on the church notice board looking down at me, and, apparently, giving me a two fingered insult.


Sorry about the camera............
BUT I can a assure you that god is
on your side.......HOW do I know ??

Because in that lovely hill top church
in Ibiza you took me to I was surprised
that on entry you crossed yourself !

These sort of things she never forgets
( so I am told ) .



Happy cycling xx

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