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Cycling the Kings Road

The forecast was heavy rain for the next day so I got up early, packed things away before it started, and cycled into Salo to find some breakfast. With few other options I ended up on the ground floor of a concrete block in the imaginatively named Cafe Rio, eating a plastic-wrap sandwich and drinking over-stewed coffee - a permanent feature of Finland's cafes.

One of the nice things about being on a bike is that you're travelling slowly enough to really see places but when they turn dire it doesn't take too long to get out. I cycled on to Paimio, which my cycle guide described as having, 'Finland's largest and most beautiful museum of electricity'. Somehow I managed to resist.

Back out in the countryside the sky was darkening with low, grey clouds. The rain started slowly and gently, but increased until it was falling out of the sky in sheets. Taking shelter under a bridge I waited for it to stop until it became apparent that it was on for the day so I pulled on my waterproofs and continued on towards Turku. The chain was grinding with mud and water was flowing up my sleeves, but, cold and wet, I had no choice but to continue. When I finally pulled my soaking load into Turku late in the afternoon it was a welcome sight, especially as it marked the end of the King's Road and the first leg of my trip. 63km cycled (263km total).

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