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Lost Passport

We flew into Murcia, caught a taxi to the bus station, and managed to just catch the only coach to Almeria that would get us there in time for the evening ferry to Morocco. Being so close to Zamindar, I decided to quickly head over to check up on things, and after a couple more buses and a taxi ride I´d seen that everything was fine on board and I was back in Almeria to get the ferry with Colin. Everything was going really smoothly.

Just before we went to buy the tickets, however, I noticed that the zip on my backpack was open so I had a quick check to see if everything was still in it and discovered what all travellers fear. My passport was gone. Maybe I´d just lost it, or I suspect someone could have gone into my bag when it had been in the luggage compartment of the coach (passports are much sought after in this area, being so close to north Africa), but wherever it had gone to didn´t really matter now. We decided to head over to Zamindar and stay there for the night, but after slowly walking over to the bus station we just missed the last bus by five minutes and had to pay €45 for a taxi.

The following morning we decided that heading to the consulate in Malaga was the best idea to try to get an emergency passport when they opened on Monday morning. The coach stopped everywhere on the way, however, and after four long hours we finally arrived in Malaga very tired and hungry. After finding a cheap hotel we grabbed something to eat, I went to the police station for a police report, then we crashed out.

After about three hours sleep I was at the consulate just after they opened where I was told that an emergency passport was €69 and would only be valid for travelling back to the uk. I couldn´t use it to go to Morocco, or for my connecting flight from London to Finland. Instead I would need to go to the main consulate in Madrid in person to apply for a full passport.

So currently I´m exhausted and we´re about to catch a coach to Algeciras, from where Colin is taking the ferry across to Tangiers and I´m getting the overnight train to Madrid. With some luck I hope to get a replacement passport issued tomorrow and make it across to Morocco on Wednesday but right now nothing would surprise me anymore.


That of course means that you'll also need to sail back to Antigua to get the famous signature replaced! Sorry to hear your bad luck on the passport but the good news would be that you get to update the grumpy bastard photo with 80's hair that you used to have :-)

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