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Quest for a New Passport

We left Malaga shortly after discovering that our beds were full of bugs and Colin's arms had swollen up in reaction to all the bites. After managing to grab an hour's sleep on the coach, we said our farewells in Algeciras and I caught the overnight train to Madrid. I was incredibly exhausted and was having more problems than usual with simple things like telling the time. I had a peaceful night on the train, nonetheless, with earplugs in.

I had to make it to the Madrid consulate before ten o'clock in order to get my passport today, so, needless to say, everything conspired against this. Train late, metro station closed, no taxis, and running through the rush hour streets of Madrid trying to find another metro station.

Finally, with veins bulging out of my head, I made it, only to go through rigorous security screening, have my phone and bag confiscated, then allowed to join the queue to talk to someone through a bulletproof screen. Thankfully, British citizens were given priority over all the bloody foreigners, and I handed over my stack of completed forms, police reports, and � 128.

There could, however, be a problem in granting my passport today, I was told. The applications were processed online, and although the consulate was in the offices above the telephone company's headquarters, their internet connection was down. Without it there would be no passports today. They did, however, say that this was fairly normal, and that it was usually working again by the afternoon. I hoped it was as my return train tickets were booked for tonight, and I'd very little cash left until a bank transfer would go through later in the week. Anyway, the weather was good and I could always sleep in the park.

I returned to the consulate in the afternoon, however, and was delighted to find that their internet connection had come back, and that there was indeed a passport with my smiling face inside waiting for me there.


Well, at least you got a new passport photo :)
I'm sure that some *chinese immigrant" guy will be very happy with your old one.

*anyone who has seen it knows what I'm talking about :)

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