helmikuu 29, 2004

International Conflict

We had a small incident at our guest house the other night. At our floor was a bunch of americans that had been raising hell and keeping everybody awake for many nights. Some people, me included, asked them nicely to keep their voices down with poor results. One night after listening to their highly intelligent conversations about nhl and how easy it is to get shot in LA, in the backround Eminen rapping his tonsils off, they finally left. I went for a cigarette on the balcony and tried to get a glimpse at them. One of them returned terribly pissed and started banging on his friends door not realising that they had left. After a while I lost my temper a little and may have pointed out to him that he was a f.....g idiot and a retard. Which didnt lead for the hoped result of him buggering off after apologising his behavour, instead he broke down the door. But thankfully they got kicked out the next day. I was the one though who started to be aggressive and i feel ashamed that i lowered myself to his level. My karma is now dented.

I apologise for the following to all the nice and smart americans which I'm sure exist, but I have to express my anger. All the americans i have enccountered so far have been total idiots. They dont give a flying fuck about other nations or their people, I have never encountered people who are so stupid, selfish and ignorant!
Shame on you.

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helmikuu 26, 2004

Flower Market

Yesterday night we went into a flower market. The taxi driver seemed very familiar with Scotland and Finland. From Scotland he knew Braveheart (Mel Gibson, Australia's gift to human kind), he gave us a bit of an fright when he shouted out "FREEEDOM!" and from Finland he noted of course Nokia which is apparently very popular also with the Thais (at least he knew where Nokia was from. I have talked to people in Europe that think it's from Japan.). He also kindly showed us the streets where the girl and boy hookers have their businesses.

The flower market was stunning. The cool night air full of fresh flower smells, walking through the narrow steets each side full of orchids, roses, lotuses and flowers we have never encountered before. It was also very cheap; a bouquet of 50 long stemmed roses cost about 50 euro cents! There were no tourists around at all which was nice. It seems that most of the backpackers never leave Khaosan Road (the backpacker ghetto), you just walk around the corner and there's hardly any of them to be seen. Of course my loving boyfriend bought me one big bouquet of red orchids and one huge bouquet of red lotuses, which now decorate our little room. The flower market starts at 12 in the night and closes at dawn.

Of course Bron brought me to Thailand cause the flowers are cheap here, such typical behaviour from a Scot. ;)

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helmikuu 25, 2004

Backpacker Haute Couture

The Thais dress very well and then you see the backbackers who dress like (shit) they are homeless. It's like a trend for them to have a dirty old t-shirt, dusty beige pants or a skirt that is the colour of puke and doesn't have any shape. They actually think that they are cool, it's like an uniform! Its the same anywhere on the globe, the bloody hippies look the same. They also think that being stinky and dirty goes with that. There are plenty of clothes that are trendy and comfortable and it's not like they are expensive here!

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Jim Thompsons House

A house of an old CIA agent, Jim Thompson, is located near the centre of Bangkok. It's a beautiful place close to a small paradise. A good place to get away from the city crowds. it has a beautiful rainforest like garden, old statues, beautiful houses and a really nice cafe and a restaurant next to a big fish pond where you can relax and have a cup of tea.

We had a tour into the main house which cost about 100b (2). It was interesting. The guy travelled a lot of course being a spy and brought a lot of stuff from his travels including the main building wich he made into an interesting.... kokonaisuus (ok that isn't English but if someone can think what kokonaisuus is in English than I'd be grateful!). He was also a business man and had his own silk factory just across the river. Mysteriously sometime ago he vanished in to the mountains of Malaysia and was never heard of since... maybe 007 finally caught up with him. He had a room that had a make up stand for children and on the table a small cat shaped potty for boys and in his own bedroom he had a small frog shaped potty for girls, but the guy didn't seem to have any children. Well he did seem to be a bit of a dirty old man from the photos.

The staff were a bit too friendly which means that the tourists from the big hotels are mainly their customers. We saw this fat and rude American woman who was shouting in a big voice, "Hell no, I'm not paying a 100 dollars to get in!" and then she left with her husband like she was being insulted. Some people just are stupid.

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helmikuu 22, 2004

Cats, Dogs and Lord Buddha

I was told that cats are the closest thing to the lord buddha, but because the Thais don't want anything to be as perfect as the buddha, they break the cats tails. This is also supposed to be the place where Siamise cats are from but so far i havent seen any. The cats seem to be doing much better than the dogs though, because they are more dependent on humans to supply them food and shelter. It can be heartbreaking to see.

Ira should be bloody grateful! :)

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helmikuu 21, 2004

Culture Shock

Feeling still a bit jetlaged, but my stomach is doing better now (thank god for Burger King and McDonalds!). The food is very spicy and light compared to all the creamy and buttery stuff that I usually like to munch down. There is one dish that I know I will miss when returning to Europe: banana pancakes. You get them from the street and they are crispy, sweet, filled with bananas and very delicious. They have been keeping me alive as well.

The centre of Bangkok for a newcomer like my self can be bit overwhelming, especially for a small town girl (Lohja 10.000- Bangkok 10.000.000 people).
Crazy traffic, I wonder why there aren't any Thai rally drivers.
Pollution, sometimes it a bit difficult to breath.
A lot of people.
Shopping centres, they are everywhere and you can buy everything from them. I havent decided yet if they are heaven or hell, i finally might have found my match.
On the other hand the Thais are very polite.
Somehow even in a big crowded city they seem to have space for vegetation.
Beautiful temples (wats).
Everything is cheap.
Buddism seems to make people calm.
For the first time I seem to have a "decent" culture shock!

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helmikuu 20, 2004

Down South to Thailand

From Scotland we headed down to Bristol to Chris's where we stayed the night. And early next morning we continued to London Heathrow where we caught a flight with Royal Jordanian Airlines to Amman, the capitol of Jordan. The flight staff were very friendly and provided pillows, blankets, blindfolds, earphones and decent enough food and drinks, which seemed very luxurious after flying back and forth with Ryanair. There was a kid behind me that I wanted to strangle a little bit though. The little noisy bastard kept kicking my chair through the whole flight.

In Amman airport we spent a few hours waiting for our connecting flight to Bangkok. I was wearing my Arabic scarf of course (shamag) and I got a very friendly welcome from the airport staff and security guards. They suggested that I could get a couple of guns to match my outfit . People were very friendly there. We were thinking that maybe on our way back we would stay a bit longer and go see the ancient city of Petra and catch up on my camel riding skills.

The flight to Bangkok felt very long, but I managed to sleep a little. It was so hot in the airport, which was a nice change. And seeing the beautiful orchids in the airport made me very happy. Thais have the orchids planted every where like Finnish have begonias (for example) on their balconies. From the airport we caught a bus through the busy centre of Bangkok to the backpacker district (or how the locals like to call it the backpacker ghetto, which probably is more accurate). We "found" a nice guesthouse called my house, which we have now made our home away from home.

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helmikuu 18, 2004


Well its been a long time since I have written something and so many things have happened...

My last night in Finland crowned with beatiful northern lights. It was like a dragon blazing green fire, dancing up in the freezing night sky like it was foretelling my future jurney in east, in the lands of dragons. ( Im not on acid, as my wonderful boyfriend so kindly pionted out that my writing sounds like. ) The following day I said farewell to my family and set my course to England where I was finally joined with my lovely (horse) boyfriend Bron the broninski. He had a lovely surprise for me for valentines day; a trip to Scotland! It was really nice, we stayed at Brons friend Colins home and he was very kind to give us his bed where two weary travellers could have a good rest, after a bloody awfull night at the Stansted airport. We also met Andrew the doctor and his wife Cathy who were nice enough to stick needles in to us over a glass of wine (My kind of doctors), Ged who has "amasingly" blue eyes wich matches his coat and Kevin the journalist whom I was hasselling with questions about the UKs pressfreedom.
Me, Bron and Colin rented a car and took of to see the Highlands and again I have to say that there are only few words I can say to describe its beauty. It was very much like Lord of the rings country with its snow-topped steep mountains descending to the clear watered lochs (lakes), little streams and waterfalls running through scotspine forests, black rocky marshes and misty valleys. Of course being in Scotland I wanted to see Loch Ness and try to get a glimpse at the monster, but the deep, dark waters of the loch didnt reveal its mystery to me this time. Insted we broke in to a ruined castle , wich was nice too. We went to see Gleneagles horse stables, that for me was truly amazing. It was this huge boilding that had the riding arenas,stables, shops and a restaurant all uner the same roof. I got a glimpse at the horses, most of the people in that country dont live so well. I think that the horse even smelled better then us. One hour of riding there costs about a hundred euros, but after seeing some of the horses I would br ready to pay. Edingbrough was nice too. It is a beautiful city full of history. My favourite site was the Old greyfriers bobbys statue. Its a statue of an old fathfull dog that stood by his master untill the end, the story is very toughing.

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helmikuu 01, 2004

Ira is a spastic

My boyfriend has made my dog a spastic. He showed that she has a tale attached on her bum and now her favourite thing is to chase it. Its quite embarresing when you are taking her for a walk and you stop to chat with an old friend and the old friend notices your big scary rotweiller and instantly she starts running in sircles untill her head is so woosy and she falls over. So much for street credability. Its like the other day she thought that the tail was chaising her, she tried to flee it as fast as she could and if thats not enough she attacked a manual snowplaw, thinking that its the enemy.

Heres also a list of the things she has managed to put trhough her system with out getting killed.
a milk glass - chewed in pieces and digesting it.
my cd collection - again the same thing.
5kg of beach sand - she pooped concreate for a week.
2 sheets - wich she barfd out.
a black mens sock - it was still in one piece when it came out.
she is also a tallented paper/garbage shredder.

One could say that she has an iron stommac... maby i should put her in the sircus... NOOOO, im kidding, I could never do that.

She is still the sweetest thing!

O, yes.... I haveto say sorry to you all, because of my bad ( horrible) spelling. I speak the language better than i write it. My english dictionary is also abroad at the moment ( Bron the Broninski ), but we will be reunited soon and hopefully my spelling will get better.

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