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Across Europe With A Rottweiler In Heat

Having been in Ibiza for over five months now is the longest I've stayed in one place for years, so yesterday evening we decided it was time to leave and went off to the travel agents and booked onto the ferry to the mainland for today. Carita has to be back in Ibiza in two weeks and as we don't want to risk flying Ira back to Finland we're going to take her north overland then fly back down here, hopefully, by the end of the month.

We haven't quite worked out how exactly we're going to do this yet. We're on the mainland ferry to Denia at the moment (the more direct ferry to Barcelona was full), and from there we'll head towards the French border. Big dogs aren't allowed on Spanish trains unless they're boxed which may make this a bit more difficult, and just in case taking a Rottweiler across Europe isn't challenging enough, she's also in heat!

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